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1. You order the treasure hunt
2. You get a CD, a clue book, a matrix, and a map of iraq in the mail
3. You begin solving all the clues using the matrix, map, and CD
4. It will lead you to a place where you can get a certain item
5. That item will be exchanged for the real $5000 golden trophy, a bag of cash, and a barrel of oil. (If you don’t want the barrel of oil, we will send it to George Bush)



Is this for real?

When did it start?
- Dec 8th I began shipping

What happens if more than one person finds a "fake placeholder/trophy"?
The FIRST PERSON to find any of the “fake ones” will contact me and they are the winner. I will then send out an email to everyone.

Is it a computer game?
NO!!! It is more like a riddle book with a companion CD full of documents. You only need a computer to read the documents (which can be opened with most any computer)

How many people are playing?
As of Jan 6th, about 500 people are playing

Can you give me something of an example?
Run down to the bookstore and get a riddle book. Now imagine solving all of them in a race

Why don't you keep the gold if you don't make a profit
I like the idea of giving Bush something for his troubles.

Will this run on a Linux or a MAC?
- All you need is the ability to open Word documents and PDF files... So yes.

Is this a software game?
NO! It is a riddle book that you use the documents from the CD to solve. It is in NO way a computer game.

How did you coordinate placing mock items in all the cities and how can you be certain that they are still there??
- Once you get to the point of actually going to get the item, this will make sense.

I do not live near one of the cities listed, will it be difficult for me to play?

- Not really. You just might need to be a little more resourceful on the internet.

Can you put a picture of the trophy on the web site…

- YES - (Done)

Are you really paying for college?
- YES - (Mission Accomplished)

How long will it take me to solve it?


Are you really going to send the prize and oil to Bush if no one wins?
- YES. But I think someone will win, so I will give them the opportunity to keep the gold and cash and send the oil to Bush anyway.

Are you crazy?
- Ask my wife

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