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This is a treasure hunt. You don't actually "win" anything. You "find" it on your own.

The “treasure” is actually a solid 14k gold customized “bomb shaped trophy.” It has been appraised by a jeweller in Nashville, TN and a certificate of apprasial will be provided with the treasure. There's no way in hell we want to go to prison, so don't think we are going to lead you to anything illegal.

10% of the profits will go into a “bag of cash” to be attached to the trophy and given to charity.

We have engineered this project so that about half of the US population is within 50 miles of accessing a “place-holder”. Because we couldn’t afford to place 65 real trophies out there, we have placed 65 fake ones. Whoever gets the fake one (and yes, we will know how and when you get it), will be given final instructions on how to trade it in for the real trophy. TO CLAIM THE TROPHY YOU WILL NEED TO BE ABLE TO EXPLAIN HOW YOU DEDUCED THE ENTIRE ANSWER. This will prevent someone from "stumbling" upon the answer.

You will need about $50 and your matrix to “recover” the "place-holder". This $50 will be returned to you at the time you claim the treasure. It is kind of a “final key.” All matrixes will work and should be self-explanatory. You will be 100% positive when you have pinpointed the correct location. The location should be quite clear, so don't go traveling out of town on just a "hunch."

This event has been designed so that there will be only ONE trophy. By purchasing this treasure hunt, You are not guaranteed anything other than a mind-numbing set of puzzles. Remember that everyone who gets this hunt will also be looking for the trophy.

You will need access to the Internet. Also, if you do not live near one of the main cities listed, you may need to purchase a bus ticket into the nearest major metropolitan area. We will not be held responsible for any accidents or expenses that you may incur while searching for the “weapons.” As a matter of fact, we won't be held liable for any damage incurred to you or anyone else. There is about ZERO chance you would get hurt (except maybe emotionally) from this hunt, and in either event, you assume all liability and responsibility for your actions.

Your matrix is city (zip code) specific. If you move, you will need to contact us and get a new one. If we find any matrix codes posted anywhere on the internet, in print, or any other form, those matrixes will be rendered useless and thus your money will have gone to waste.

DO NOT REVEAL YOUR MATRIX TO ANYONE. Each of these matrixes has been encrypted so that they are unique. In addition, you will need to use your matrix when you claim your trophy. IF YOU LOSE YOUR MATRIX YOU WILL NOT BE GIVEN A NEW ONE. NO EXCEPTIONS. We are a bunch of computer geeks, so trust us when we say this matrix code will NOT be broken.

All information on the CD was taken from public domain sources (mostly government sources). We claim no accuracy with respect to its contents.

This treausure hunt is not legal where prohited by local law. Due to the nature of the game, no refunds will be allowed.

The item will become inaccessible on Election Day 2004.

If no one finds a place-holder or the claims the trophy by Election Day 2004, the golden piece will be sent to George Bush.

If someone does win, a barrel of oil will be sent to George Bush (unless the person who claims the trophy wants it).