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In case you were wondering...

I am a slightly liberal republican who is completely confused as to my support for this whole “weapons of mass destruction” thing (the real weapons, that is).

I love riddles, puzzles, games, and all that jazz. More than anything, I LOVE the concept of treasure hunts. Considering we are watching the largest treasure hunt in the world right now, I figured it would be great if we could participate!

To check out one of the articles written on the game, click here.

I have four main goals with this project:

1. A way for me to go back to college
2. A way to funnel all of the useless Iraq trivia that I have in my head
3. A way to send some money to charity
4 . If possible, to sell 1,000,000,000 copies, buy Microsoft, bypass Billy, and replace every copy of Windows with Linux. (okay. That probably will not happen, but...)

The amount of money I plan to spend on college is about $25k. I didn't want to take out a loan or use my savings. I have now covered this amount from the games sales and "other projects" directly related to this game. Future proceeds will go to the bag of cash or the charity.

In any event, good luck to those that do participate in the search. The golden trophy is really, really cool! And expensive.


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